Teater C is a free theatre company in Uppsala, Sweden. It was founded in 2006.
Permanent members of Teater C are writer Dag Thelander, actor Andrea Geurtsen, composer Per Wickström and set designer David Andrén. We present a mix of new Swedish drama and contemporary plays from the rest of the world, most regularly from the US.

Contact Teater C at: info@teaterc.se / + 46 702 93 21 33

Projects in English so far:

The two first weeks of June in 2014 we visited The Fishtank Performace Studio in Kansas City to perform an English version of the mini musical Klara Andersson (in concert). It opened 7th of June and gave six performances. It featured
Andrea Geurtsen as Klara, Jacob Aaron Cullum as Jacob and Sarah LaBarr as Kim/ accompanist. The translation was done by Nils Jansson aka Henry Bowers.

In Mars 2013 we were visited buy The Fishtank Performance Studio from Kansas City. They performed their production of Elegy for a lady by Arthur Miller, as honorary guests of our festival for contemporary American drama: American Dreams. More about them at http://fishtanktheater.blogspot.se/.

LOCKED UP by John Fiske
In 2010 we staged the new Brittish thriller Locked Up by John Fiske. Locked up was made in collaboration with Kesselofski and Fiske.